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A Shopkeeper Taught Me a Life Lesson on Management and Productivity
(Technology) Intro to Clubhouse, an Emerging Social Media Star
(Education) Try These 53 Websites If You Want to Learn Something New

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Your Audience and Readers
9 Tips from Frederick Crews’ Bestseller on Crafting Powerful Sentences

How to avoid them and become a good writer?

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Dividing writers into the camps of ‘excellent,’ ‘good,’ and ‘bad’ is pretty naive. That’s because what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’ is subject to interpretation. By ‘bad writers,’ I mean those who think about writing erroneously. In other words, bad writers are those who have misconceptions about writing — whether they’re newbies or renowned writers.

These points might change your mind about writing.

Renowned author Stephen King has published “at least 90 novels, more than 200 short stories,” and a few non-fiction books — “selling 350 million copies.

1. Don’t worry about “grammatical correctness”

Myth: My grammar has to be perfect.

Nine ways of getting to know a person through peeling vegetables and fruits

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“A person versus an onion?” Can this be an appropriate analogy? Wait! Look at this: “Getting a decent job is like peeling a banana for me?” It means ‘easy,’ right?

Life Lessons

A disorganized table doesn’t mean a disordered mind, a disorganized shop doesn’t mean a failed business, and a disorganized life doesn’t mean a screwed-up life.

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Manju Cooray is in his 50s. He came to Germany a few decades ago. In his Kiosk full of fruits, vegetables, household items, and all the things one needs to survive, he works on an online business idea.

A Comprehensive Guide

The app for authentic and genuine conversations, direct networking, and active learning through listening.

A girl holding a magazine that contains information about the Clubhouse.
A girl holding a magazine that contains information about the Clubhouse.
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In the following sections, I introduce Clubhouse, an emerging social media outlet that might outdo TikTok in the coming months.

“[T]here’s been an explosion of social…

You can now have access to thousands of courses, skills, tips, tricks, ideas, and lessons — mostly for free

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I am not a big fan of listicles, but there is no choice for things of this nature. In the following paragraphs, I provide a list of fifty-three websites that can help you learn something new. Most of them are free of cost.

“For the very fact that my knowledge is increasing little by little is the most certain argument for…


How they founded the most famous notebook company known as “The Little Black Notebook LLC”

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Maria Franceschi, 48, sat in her luxurious café in Beijing. She looked into the skyscrapers that had covered the sky of the city. Thinking of learning some words in Chinese, she installed a language app on her phone.

Writers’ Guide

How are they the real owners of your writing

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Suppose you work in a cake shop. They call you and order a birthday cake stuffed with vanilla, dark chocolate, and strawberries. After an hour, you make the cake. They come to pick it up. Will they give you the money without seeing the cake?

Writers’ Guide

You didn’t learn the rules of the game before playing it.

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This piece does not get curated and distributed. Why? This is a rule on Medium that any story about Medium itself does not get curated. But why do I write? I write because I care about the success of other writers on Medium as much as I do about mine.

Massùod Hemmat

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